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I'll stay on the board as long as I can walk

Place: Aarhus Skatescene SkatePark, trick: Bs crooked grind

Adrian Hirt's life revolves around skateboarding. The 28-year old skater from Erfurt, Germany travels around Europe participating in competitions, skating street spots and hanging out with his friends.

“I get to do the best thing in the world. I travel to different countries, see other cultures and skate some awesome spots all over the world. There have been so many golden moments, and I feel so fortunate to get to do this”, says Adrian.

We talked to Adrian about how he gets the inspiration to keep on going, and what role the community plays in the world of skateboarding.

It's not just a sport

Place: Omega Skatepark

Passion is surely the thing that keeps Adrian going. When he’s not skating or traveling, he has a full-time job, as he cannot live entirely off skateboarding yet. But to Adrian, it’s not about the fortune and fame.

“When I was a kid, I dreamed of making my money off skateboarding. This is not the case yet. But it’s not important right now. I’m of course glad when I get money for skating and get parts sponsored, but I don’t do this to get rich”, I do this because I love it and want to keep getting better,” he says.

Adrian points out that it can be hard to have a 9-to-5 job and then go skating or go to the gym afterward, but to him, quitting the thing he loves has never been a topic.

“For me, this is not a sport; it’s my life. My personality is a result of skateboarding. Before I started skating I was another person. I’ve had so many fantastic experiences from skateboarding and met so many great friends. This is for life; I’ll stay on the board as long as I can walk”, he says.

A Common language

Place: Omega Skatepark, trick: Bs 5-0 grind.

Skateboarding might not be a team sport, but to Adrian, it’s one of the most social sports he has ever done and one of the important factors in his lifelong passion.

“I’ve met some cool people through the sport. We’re together about this great thing called skateboarding. If you’re a nice guy with a board, let's hang out and skate. This is the same all over the world, across borders, language barriers, and cultures, and this is such a unique thing”, he says.

Place Aarhus Skatescene SkatePark, trick: Nollie fs heelflip.

To Adrian, the skateboarding community is not only about making new friends but also about helping each other and last but not least about passing the knowledge on to the next generations.

“Kids often come by and say -Wow that’s a cool trick, can you learn me how to do that? Then you’re taking time to teach them how to do it. When I started out I was a little kid, and the older guys at the spot in my hometown showed me the tricks and passed on the knowledge, and that's important” says Adrian.

A little help from my friends

trick: Fs bluntslide.

So if Adrian can’t live off skateboarding yet, how does he manage to be able to travel around going to competitions? Well, first off there are his sponsors helping him with his travel expenses, but another vital player in why Adrian can travel so much is the support he gets from the skate community

“Through skating, I’ve got friends all over Europe, so when I travel, I often crash at their place. It’s not only a financial thing, but it’s also about adventure. They're showing me their town and introducing me to the local skaters. I’ve gotten so many great experiences in that way”, he says

So, is it worth the struggle to keep going skateboarding? If you ask Adrian Hirt, the answer is clear.

“It’s the perfect package. It combines fun with training and it’s a very social sport. When I’m not skating, I feel like there’s something missing. But as soon as I step on the board I feel complete.”

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