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Freestyle/dancing: A flippin fun thing

In the pulsating streets, in the “city of love”, Lotfi Lamaali is flipping his way through Paris. The Moroccan born Lotfi, also known as "The Woodwalker" was 24 years old first time that he stepped onto a longboard.

Lotfi makes flipping, kicking, sliding and dancing on a longboard look like child's play. This is also how he got his nickname.

Beside pro wins and the 1st place in The World Cup in dancing/freestyle in 2013, Lotfi has been a runner-up for both the European Championship and The World Cup several times afterward.

Lotfi also does a lot of work to payback to the community. Among other things he’s hosting a weekly longboarding event in Paris and national events with contests, games and demos all devoted to the sport.

His longboard adventures have taken him all over the world. He spreads his passion for the sport wherever he travels. Showing off his legendary skills to millions of fans either at longboarding events or via Youtube - like in this video from L.A.

Let’s dance

Lotfi’s favorite setup features the Loaded Bhangra deck. The deck is long and wide, which provides him with a lot of space to make dance moves on. Furthermore, the deck size gives the rider great stability, which is a key thing, when you’re doing advanced flatland tricks and dance moves on the longboard.

The deck is very light yet durable due to its epoxy bio-resin and cork construction. On top of that, it has a good amount of flex, which makes it very dynamic and lively.

The deck has a mellow concave which helps to lock your feet when landing big spins. Besides that, the nose and tail are both slightly kicked, which makes them great for doing all kinds of different tricks.

To get a good road grip, Lotfi uses a set of Orangatang fat free wheels.They are small, lightweight and have a medium hardness - which makes them perfect for freestyle/dancing. Actually, the Orangatang fat frees are a good all-around wheel which provides you with great grip when needed, but it’s also great for doing slides.

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