Cruising: Surf the streets.

Swoosh. Swoosh. Swoosh. The longboard makes a steady rhythm as it moves in smooth wave-shapes over the empty parking lot. The “sidewalk surfer” on the board is named Gregor Harms and he has been longboarding since 2010.

What started as a tryout on a friends old rusty longboard evolved into an enduring passion and got Gregor into working at a longboard and surf shop in his hometown Rostock, Germany. Bitten by the “surfing” bug Gregor took up surfing and has ever since combined the sports.

“I often practice my surf technique when I'm out on my longboard. A wave is unpredictable, so it’s nice, to be able to master things such as sharp turns. I like to use my imagination, visualizing that I'm surfing on a wave doing the perfect line,” says Gregor Harms.

The feeling of the sea

To get those surf vibes from the sea on dry land, Gregor is using a board with a truck system from “Your Own Wave”. This innovative truck system lets you do radical surf turns because there’s almost no resistance on the front truck.

Also, the system creates an extra pivot point for the truck. This enables the cruiser board to do super sharp pumping turns - It’s all about bringing surfing to the streets.

Gregor uses a pair of Penny Mixed Cruiser Wheels which are good all around wheels for cruising. He has chosen a rather small pair of wheels, so he minimizes the risk of wheel bites, when the wheel bites into the deck.

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