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Chad Kerley: Riding a bike since 18 months old

At just the age of 18 months, little Chad was ready to remove the training wheels off his bike and start riding on two wheels. It was obvious that Chad was born with a gift.

When he was four years old he made his debut at BMX racing. In the following nine years it became even more clear that he was a natural. In this period Chad manages to win “District Championships” in BMX racing five times and lots of other titles.

Becoming the best

In 2012 Chad got a silver medal at Street X-Games in Los Angeles.

The following year, 2013, was maybe the best year so far in his career. He earned a gold medal at the Dew Tour. He released his first signature parts. But biggest of all his accomplishments, he was the first to win a gold medal at Street X-Games after Garrett Reynolds has won the prize for six years in a row.

The CK frame hype

Success was therefore inevitable for Chad Kerley and it came as no surprise when he announced his own signature parts. Especially his Haro CK frame has been on the drawing board for a long time and is one of the most hyped and long-awaited signature parts in BMX history. Click here to discover the Haro CK frame.

The CK frame features a very short 13” chainstay, making the bike more maneuverable on tiny spaces. Also the short rear-end makes it easier to maintain balance when performing manual tricks. It comes in a brakeless design, meaning it’s not possible to install brakes on this frame. You can choose between 20.75” or 21” top tube and black or white colors to ensure the frame fits your preferences.

We’ve made a bike-build video with our team riders - Marcus and Lasse. They show how to assemble a freestyle BMX with the CK frame.

Passion confirmed

Maybe you have an increased interest in the BMX riding after reading this? Perhaps you’ve never even been on a BMX bike before and think that now is the time.

You don’t have to buy a CK frame as your first bike. At SkatePro we have several entry-level complete BMX bikes that we recommend you, as a beginner, to start riding.
Building custom bikes can be expensive and not necessary when getting your passion confirmed. Getting a complete bike and upgrading it continuously can be a good idea. Custom bikes can be expensive and you might be wasting your money on a sport you don’t even like. Check out our entry-level bikes here

Want to watch what Chad is capable of? And wanna know what it takes to become a BMX legend? Check out his gold-medal run at X-Games here

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