Poland takes scootering to the next level

One of Europe's biggest and oldest skate camps is located in Poland. This year more than 600 kids participated in the camp, and one of our Team Riders was there teaching.

It all started 15 years ago when Beata Malita and Adam Malita arranged the first skateboard camp, in the center of Poland. Since then the camps have expanded with more visitors, bigger skate parks, ramps, a ton of skaters, riders and teachers to amaze and inspire the youngsters. This year more than 600 kids participated in the camps.

“The number of training hours is incomparable with any other camp. Our skate parks are designed by the best riders, and the location in the center of Poland close to the forest and the lagoon is unique. Our instructor staff consists only of enthusiasts with many awards and sports titles - even a Guinness record holder,” says Beata Malita.

At first, the couple only arranged camps for skateboarders but five years ago they started organizing the scoot and roller camps, and this year they also arranged a BMX camp.

“I had to look after 30 scooter boys at once”

One of the teachers at the camp this year was SkatePro Teamrider Michał Szalacha. Before the camp, he had no experience in teaching, but this turned out to be something he enjoyed very much.

“At the beginning, I was a little stressed out. I mean, I had to look after 30 scooter boys at once, but it was so much fun, and the kids told me that I was a pretty good teacher,” Michał Szalacha says.

When asked about his overall opinion and feelings about the scoot camps it's hard for him to keep the excitement back.

“ This is the best thing someone has ever done. I was so happy when I saw this one boy helping out another boy with a trick without them paying any attention to the age difference of six years between them,” he says and tells us, that he has already talked to the organizers about coming back in 2018 for all three scooter camps.

Besides Michał Szalacha both Henkjan Schollaart and Pierrick Odent from our SkatePro team stopped by the camp to show the youngsters a few tricks.

The camp has a huge skate area, but also a football field, a swimming pool, paintball, wakeboard and a rope park for when the participants need a break from scootering, skating and riding.

You can read more about the camps and sign up for next year on this site.

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