Dakota Schuetz: A legend in the word's true meaning

With his three World Championships and over 40 pro wins in his career, the 21-year-old Dakota Schuetz, aka Kota, has already cemented his status as a legend in the world of competitive scootering.

Riding no less than 4-6 hours a day, Dakota always tries to push the boundaries of what’s possible to do on a scooter. This has earned him the nickname “The Machine” and has paid off, as he is not only a triple world champion but also a Guinness Record holder of most backflips in one minute.

The KOTA Inc. Scooter Range

Kota has done an enormous work to promote competitive scootering by sharing his passion for the sport with millions of people all over the world, inspiring young kids to start riding scooters. Now he has taken things to the next level and designed a series of freestyle scooters together with the best manufacturers around. Check out the whole range here.

Light, tight and sturdy

The top model of the branch is The Kota Icon, and it’s designed to resemble Dakota's own setup, which is perfect for the intermediate rider who wants to progress to the next level.

When you push your gear to the limit as Kota does you’ll need a sturdy and rugged bar. The Tukno styled bar has proven to be able to take the thrashings of Kota, so of course, the scooter features the champion’s favorite style of bar.

Kota uses a short and very light deck, which makes the scooter easy to handle when doing technical tricks, grinds, flips and whips. The deck is identical to the deck Kota used when he won the World Championships.

When riding around the park or on the vert, it’s crucial to have a good grip. That's why The Kota Icon comes with a set of 110mm x 28mm wheels, which gives you a perfect grip on the way up or down the bowl and even if you land sketchy after doing a trick.

The Kota Recon has a lot of the same features as The Kota Icon like a Tukno styled bar and the wide wheels - and is aimed at the intermediate rider. You’ll get a slightly narrower deck, which makes the scooter easier to handle when doing things like spins. You’ll also get a great performing IHC compression system. In short - you’ll end up with an agile, light and bulky scooter to ride in the park.

The Kota Mania is a great scooter for beginners/intermediate riders. It gives you great value for your money and has features such as a Tukno styled bar, a standard HIC compression and an integrated headset - combined with its low weight this make the scooter great for doing flairs and whips and other technical tricks. This scooter also comes in a mini version for the small riders which is called The Mini Mania.

Finally, there’s The Ninja a great entry-level scooter, which provides the beginner with exactly what they need to build up more confidence in tricks and help the riders to better their experiences with pro scootering. Get your new KOTA Inc. scooter here.

Wonder what The Kota Icon looks like in action? Check out Kotas awesome test run of his signature model in the video below:

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