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Roller derby

Introduction to the game

Looking for a sport with high intensity. Physical contact. Tactics. A strong and diverse community - Then roller derby might be the thing for you.

Roller derby is a contact sport carried out on roller skates on an oval track. It’s played by two teams of five members each. Derby is a very versatile sport and there are many rules. We’ve made an infographic to cover the most basic rules.

Watch the most important/basic rules here.

Roller derby is a fast growing sport played by women and men all over the world across all ages and “sizes”

“Derby has room for everyone. We need small, fast players, as well as big bulky ones. It’s the perfect mix of raw power, technique, speed and strategy. But it’s not all about physics. Derby is a social sport, and we’re a part of a strong international community” says Nelle Kjer player at Aarhus Derby Danes and the Danish national team.

How to get started

Interested in getting into roller derby? To get ready for your first game, you basically just need a pair of derby quad skates and some all-round protection gear. Check our great selection of derby skates here.

The Skate boot

Get agile. Derby has a very intense gameplay, and being nimble is key. That’s why most players use a low-cut boot, which gives you great flexibility and allows you to respond fast.

Go light and easy. If you are a beginner, you don't need to choose high-end leather boots. Choose lightweight synthetic materials. They will fit you right out of the box.

The wheels

Control is everything. If you are new to derby, we recommend a pair of wheels with a hardness around 92A, but it's a personal preference and depends on your weight. Read more about choosing wheels for derby skates here.

Safety first

Protect your body. Roller derby is a contact sport, and you are going to crash and get tackled. Make sure to get the maximum amount of cushioning from your protective gear. We recommend a sturdy pair of knee pads and high-end elbow pads and wrist guards. Check out our great selection here.

Watch out for your head. You’ll also need a skate or hockey helmet to protect both the front and the back of your head (When skating you can fall backwards just as easily as you can fall forwards). Find the helmet, that fits you here.

Don't forget your teeth. A small but important piece of safety gear is a mouthguard to keep your teeth protected - you won't be allowed to participate in practice or games without it. You'll find one here.


Want to explore further details? There are many aspects to consider when you put a pair of derby skates together such as which plates and toe stops to use, what cushions to get and much more. Check out our complete guide to buying roller derby skates.

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