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BMX Racing: “Snap” into a sport of high speed

Are you a competitive person? Attracted to high speeds, sharp turns and adrenaline kicks? Maybe you already enjoy mountain biking or road cycling? Then you should keep reading because BMX racing might be a sport for you.

BMX racing is a high-intensity sport. Up to eight riders compete on an off-road cycling track to be the first to pass the finish line. It’s a one-round race of approximately 350 m. carried out on a specially designed dirt track with different obstacles such as rollers, berms and jumps. All riders start the race behind a starting gate, performing a “snap” to get into speed.

The snap is an essential part of BMX racing since you only go for one round, and you want to start the race in front. Instead of us trying to explain the snap we recommend that you take a look at this video where the snap is demonstrated, by pro-rider Nic Long.

How to get started

“BMX racing got it all; Speed, excitement and a world class adrenaline kick. If you want to give it a try, find your local BMX club as soon as possible. People there are ready to provide you with advice and guidance for how to get a good start. ” says Klaus Bøgh Andersen, professional BMX racer.

And we totally agree with Klaus. Most race BMX clubs offer tryouts and equipment for you to borrow - free of charge. Besides that, we would recommend going to BMX-events or just visiting BMX-clubs and organizations since this is also an efficient way to get a feel of the sport.
If you have decided to give BMX racing a go - then you’ll need a BMX bike. As a beginner, you will properly not even notice the difference between a less expensive and an expensive bike, but don’t be fooled. There are undoubtedly tremendous differences between a bike with a price tag of 150$ and a bike that costs you 800$. Check out our different BMX completes.

Carbon vs. Aluminium frame

The main difference is found in the materials used for the frame. Less expensive frames are usually produced in different kinds of aluminum, whereas the high-end frames are produced in 100% carbon which is both very durable and responsive. Carbon provides sublime control of the bike in all the tight maneuvers and curves of the track.

As a beginner, we always recommend you to buy a complete setup, since you are sure that all parts fit perfectly together. Besides that, you usually acquire a significant bundle discount from the manufacturer.

Pick the right sprocket

One of the first things many riders want to upgrade or replace is the sprocket. The reason for this is not that the standard sprockets are of poor quality, but since BMX racing bikes have to be single speed, the number of teeth on the sprocket determines how fast the bike accelerates and also how much power you can transfer when riding at high speeds.

Remember protection

During a high-speed BMX race, the last thing you want to do is smashing into something or someone. But let’s be honest. It’s a risky game and accidents occurs frequently, especially as a beginner. Therefore it’s important to wear protective gear to minimize the impact and damage.
Since a BMX race can be a messy affair, riders often wear protective goggles with tear-off lenses, that ensures a clear view when racing and jumping around the track.

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