Here you have it: The recipe for a successful skate event

SkatePro team rider Laura Muñoz Ezquerra was among the driving forces in both planning and execution of a skate event in Zarautz, Spain that drew close to a thousand visitors.

First, you take a bunch of enthusiasts. Then you add a fair amount of dedication and passion and top it all with a beautiful location near a beach in Spain. 36-year old SkatePro team rider Laura Muñoz Ezquerra is the main ingredient in the successful recipe and earlier this August, months of work and preparation culminated in a big event in Zarautz, Spain.

Laura Muñoz Ezquerra is a dedicated and talented free jump- and slalom skater, with a passion for spreading awareness about skating. She has been skating most of her life and has been competing in the World Slalom Series for years.

“We organized a two-hour event for the local town festival. We thought it would be a great idea to bring some of the best Spanish riders and do a freestyle exhibition. This should promote freestyle skating in Zarautz since we wanted more people enjoying inline skating as much as we do. Simply - just to motivate people to skate,” she says.

The jump-ramp was a success

Almost 1.000 people showed up for the event, where SkatePro sponsored a big giveaway with LED wheels, bags, T-shirts, slalom cones and more.

“It was amazing having so many people showing interest in the event. The kids were clapping and screaming all the time. They were amazing,” she says.

Besides the show, that included many of the best Spanish skaters, there was also a lot of activities for both adults and children. SkatePro also donated a portable jump-ramp from Freshpark, that was very well received.

“They were interested in learning and practicing and they were really motivated. Children loved the jump-ramp - They wanted to jump over and over again. It was great to see their happy faces,” Laura says.

Besides Laura and the Inline Skating Club “ZKE IRRISTAKETA TALDEA” there was a lot of volunteers who helped make the event possible, and Laura points out, that the event would not have been possible to organize without their big contribution.

After the event, the reactions have been nothing but positive, and the crew hopes to be back next year with a similar event.

“People here are not used to see this kind of event and they were very excited. Amazing was the most used word after the event, and maybe next year there will be a freestyle training group in Zarautz,” she says.

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