Speed skating: Extreme speeds and a great community

Maybe you like to run but could use a bit more speed and action, or maybe your joints and bones are starting to ache when you exercise? Or perhaps you already own a pair of fitness skates but want to take your training to the next level? If this is the case speed skating might be the sport for you.

Speed Skating is the fastest roller and inline related sport out there. If we look at the sprint distances, speeds will peak at a breathtaking 60 km/h (37 mph). But speed skating is much more than the sprint distances - time trials, elimination races, criterium races, distance and long distance races, marathons and ultra marathons, just to mention a few.

How to get started?

Even though all this might sound scary, there is plenty of room for everyone in speed skating, and if you stop by at a speed skating club you will experience this. People between the age of 3 to 80 years are present, and they also compete in the same races where participants are typically grouped by skill - not age or gender.

“One of the things I love about speed skating is the social aspect. You often work towards common goals, but at the same time, it’s a sport, where you can practice and compete, individual,” SkatePro team rider and former Danish champion Trine Brøns Nielsen says.

If you are new to speed skating you might want to join a local club. Both for the social perspective but mainly to get the technique right, since this can be a challenge. As an example of this, you should take a look at this video, where pro speed skater Mark Horsten performs the double push technique.

What do you need?

A few years back almost every speed skate had four or even more wheels, but today the most common setup only has three wheels on each skate. This is simply to reduce weight and the resistance from wheels and bearings. You might also notice, that the wheels on speed skates are pretty hard compared to a classic fitness skate, which reduces friction but comes on behalf of comfort.

If you’ve never been skating before, we would recommend that you buy a skate, with a mid-cut ankle-support and a good liner. Otherwise, your feet might hurt which will result in a bad experience. A skate with these features is designed like the one in the picture above, that due to its big 125 mm wheels still offer high speed and great acceleration. If you prefer a skate with high maneuverability, a rule of thumb is, that you should go for a skate with a short frame.

Choose the right setup

Many skilled speed skaters prefer to put the setup of their skates together themselves. Simply to make sure, that their skates meet their personal preferences and style. How you combine a boot, a frame, wheels, and bearings will determine how a skate performs in speed, acceleration and maneuverability. Our experts have combined a series of high-end bundles that gives you the possibility to tailor the perfect setup for your skate-style. Check out our different bundles and complete speed skates in this category.

Stay protected

Besides the skates, you’ll also need the right protective equipment. When skaters reach a certain level they usually only use a helmet - this is not recommended for beginners. That is why a helmet, knee and elbow pads and a set of wrist guards are must-haves for new skaters.

If you want to know more? Read our complete guide to speed skating here.

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