5 pieces of cross country gear you can't live without

Foto: Fischer Sports.

It’s that magical time of year where cross country skiers are about to leave the asphalt roads, pack their roller skis away and hit the snow filled mountains on a pair of real cross country skis.

There’s also magic in the air, as we’re unpacking all our new cross country products. Here are some of the most exciting news for this season.

A modern classic

Foto: Fischer Sports

No matter if you’re into recreational skiing or like to push yourself and get your heart rate up, The Fischer Twin Skin Pro IFP Classic Race got you covered. This pair of classic cross country skis are lightweight and its design makes it very fast and smooth to ride.

The skis are waxless skis with mohair skins under the middle of the base, which provides all the grip you need yet still give a good forward glide even in hard or icy conditions. Do you wonder what kind of cross country skis to get?

The need for speed

It’s all about performance with the Atomic Redster C7 Skintec Classic Xtra Hard cross country ski. This is the right choice for the skier who wants a ski that's great for competition and performance training.

The Skintec waxless technology means that preparation and handling couldn’t be easier, you can concentrate on skiing rather than on kick waxing. The mohair grip zones give an excellent grip and glide in all weather conditions. This is a lightweight ski with great speed and super maneuverability.

Keep it simple

When you’re not out on the trails or skiing uphill, the Salomon Nordic Ski bag is the optimal way to transport your skis back and forth to the mountain. The idea behind this bag is to give the user a lightweight ski bag with all the features you’ll need and nothing extra. Made of 450D ripstop nylon the bag is very durable.

It’s simple and stripped down design also makes it easy to fold together when you’re not using it. The bag has shoulder straps and a ¾ length opening. Last but not least the bag is of course waterproof.

Women's thermals: A superb base layer

This pair of Thermowave Merino pants for women is one of the most comfortable ways to keep warm and dry when you’re heading out for a day of skiing on the mountain. The Merino wool keeps you warm and possesses anti-bacterial properties, but ensures a good breathability at the same time.

This pair of pants is not only perfect when you’re out skiing, but they're also a top choice when you’re out running, biking or hiking. Are you looking for other quality thermal underwear?

Pure happiness

A pair of warm and dry feet are a happy pair of feet when you’re out for a long day on the mountain. The Falke Sk4 Wool Womens Ski Socks will provide your feet with the best conditions for breathing and keep warm and dry in the cold weather.

The socks have a thin layer of padding which makes them fit perfectly and prevents pressure marks. Besides that The Falke Sk4 Ski Socks feature a unique and innovative left and right toe box, which ensures extra comfort when you’re out on the trails.

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