The most advanced action sports arena in Scandinavia

Right now it’s the buzzing sounds from electric drills and circular saws that dominate the 6000 square meters extreme sports paradise named The Dome in Sweden.

In about ten days, skaters, scooter riders, skiers, snowboarders, BMX’ers, MTB’ers, free runners and many other action sports lovers will fill the ramps, drop-ins, concrete bowls, airbags, air tracks trampolines and ninja warrior tracks. All these features make The Dome the most advanced action sports arena in Scandinavia.

According to Joakim Kumlin who is one of the men behind The Dome, the concept behind the new arena, is to raise the bar for action sports facilities in Sweden and give action sports the best possible breeding ground.

“We hope, that The Dome can be a contributing factor in making all the different action sports grow. Furthermore, we hope that our arena can be a vital player when it comes to inspire and produce the action sports stars of the future”, he says.

A place to grow

It has taken two years to realize the idea of making a paradise for extreme sports athletes. Joakim Kumlin and his business partner Theo Blanco have put a lot of effort into designing an arena that gives the optimal conditions for beginners and pros from 11 different extreme sports.

“We put a lot of thought into designing an arena, so a young kid can start out in The Dome and then use the arena as they progress. At our place they’ll find challenges even when they become pro”, states Joakim Kumlin.

The Dome features three huge sections where different action sports practitioners can do what they love side-by-side. But why put so many different extreme sports under one roof? According to Joakim Kumlin, the answer is clear.

“In one way or another, the different sports have a lot of things in common. We want to create a community where the athletes can inspire each other and learn from each other across the different sports”, he says


The Dome is something for itself and with features like an airbag, a pump track, a 9-meter start ramp and an indoor concrete bowl. There’s not doubt about that the three sections which make up The Dome is a unique facility not only in Sweden but all of Scandinavia.

Here at SkatePro, we see The Dome as an important new player in the skate scene in Scandinavia; this is also why we’ve started a collaboration together with The Dome

“We want to inspire the new generation of skaters, riders and skiers. With this state of the art adrenaline arena, we feel that The Dome can be a vital part in not only making action sports grow in general but also secure quality facilities for the future talents”, says Daniel Clausen, Public Relations & Skate Team Manager at SkatePro.

The Dome celebrates its opening the 10th of February with a grand jam where you can come and watch five of our SkatePro team riders including one of Sweden's best BMXers Adrian Malmberg. Furthermore, the grand opening will also feature some of the athletes from Red Bull.

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