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Why Marcus Diemar got the Wethepeople Pathfinder frame

SkatePro Team Rider Marcus Diemar has recently switched to the Wethepeople Pathfinder frame.

SkatePros webshop is booming with news at the moment. Some of the biggest news come from the Germany-based BMX-brand Wethepeople. We are selling a lot of 2018 completes at the moment, and if you ask SkatePro Team Rider Marcus Diemar, there's a good reason for this.

"Wethepeople produces some of the most advanced bikes, frames and components and has done this for more than 20 years. It's like they are going the extra mile, on their bikes and parts. An example of this is the Smuggler seat, that has a zipper-pocket that holds a small Allen key set. Perfect if you don't want to carry a lot of tools with you," Marcus Diemar says.

He recently got his hands on the new Wethepeople Pathfinder frame which he will recommend to most BMX riders.

"It's the signature frame of my good friend Felix Prangeberg, and it's a really interesting frame. They have used some angles and tubes, that has never been used on BMX-bikes before. The headtube-angle is 76°, which makes tricks like nose manuals, hang fives, toothpicks and so on a lot easier. The frame is very robust, and the only downside is the weight," he says.

Another part from Wethepeople, that he wants to recommend, is the sprocket from the Pathfinder-line.

"This sprocket is so massive and durable, that you don't have to worry about bruising it on the rails. The idea of making it this elegant but at the same time durable is just amazing," he says and continues:

"In contrast to many other BMX-brands, Wethepeople focuses on the BMX-audience only, so their completes are also fine-tuned and in great quality," he says.

Check out the new 2018 completes from Wethepeople here, and below you will find Marcus Diemarr's edit from 2017.

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