7 simple rules at the skatepark

Just like any other place, the skatepark also has its rules that we all need to follow to stay safe and have the best time possible. Check if you have been a “good kid” or have broken one or two.

1. Observe

Get to know your surroundings. Especially if you are a first-timer at the park, it is important to be aware of what, where, how, and when things are happening around.

2. Careful where you rest

Need a break? That’s totally fine as long as you don’t sit on anything in the skating area - ramps, ledges, boxes etc.

3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Respect and care for each other, in and out of the park. We are all here to enjoy and have fun, so keep it friendly, kind, wait your turn, give a helping hand when needed, and keep smiling.

4. Keep your eyes open

Be aware at any time. It’s like crossing the street - look left, right, and then go. Before dropping a line, make sure that no one else is doing exactly the same one already.

5. Know your limits

Of course, we all want to progress and do all the crazy things we have seen but let’s not push it. Patience and hard work are the key. Always know your limits, respect your body, and give yourself time before you head for that bowl.

6. Wear protective gear

That is always a good idea, no matter if you are at the skatepark, out on the streets, or at your mate’s backyard. These pads will limit your injuries and give you more confidence which results in quicker progress.

7. Keep it clean!

Your skatepark is your second home, keep it nice, neat, tidy, and clean. Trash goes in the bins, food, and drinks - away from the ramps and obstacles.

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