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3 easy steps when buying a new wetsuit

Getting a new wetsuit? Still in doubt how to pick the right one? No worries! We got a few steps to guide you to the perfect fit so you can get the best out of your time in the water.

Step 1: What you ride is what you wear

Some water sports require more freedom of the arms and legs or heat your body way more due to less time in the water.

A traditional long-leg, long-sleeve wetsuit might be perfect for your all-day surf session but if you plan on hitting them boxes and rail at the cable park, a shorty will definitely be a better option.

And advice for the SUP lovers: keep in mind that you will be moving your arms a lot and you will not be having that much contact with the water, meaning - you will heat up pretty quickly. So for you, a good solution is a Long John/Jane and an optional neoprene top.

Step 2: Where are you planning to go?

Keep in mind the place you will be riding in (lake, the ocean, river, etc.) and the temperature.

That also determines the type of wetsuit, the thickness, and even the zipper design you should go for. If in doubt about any of these, check our guide here.

Step 3: Take the right measurements

After you have figured which wetsuit is “the chosen one” you will need the correct size to ensure the best performance. And yes, it should feel tight.

Here is what you need to measure:

  • Height and weight - the most important
  • Chest at its broadest part - usually around the peck/breast area
  • Waist - normally close to or at the navel level
  • Hips at their widest and inseam

Remember! All brands have their own sizing standard, so make sure you check that out and apply it to your own measurements.


Are you ready? Grab the measuring tape and check our shop - we surely have all you need there!

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