Stay skate fit during the lockdown!

If your board is casting some bitter stares in your direction from the corner of the room, fear not! Our pro rider Sebastian Hofbauer gave us some quick tips on keeping and even boosting up your skate skills during the lockdown.

The basics - No gear required

“Skateboarding has much to do with balance, so if you got nothing at home, just train your balance”, says Sebastian. Any exercise that has to do with it is perfect when it comes to skateboarding - one-legged squats, flying planks, or T-stands, you name it.

Another skill to work on is your jumps. Try skipping a rope or doing a few high-knee jumps and you will see that this is not as easy as it sounds.

Don’t forget your ankles! Especially when it comes to skateboarding, ankles get quite a lot of work done. So keep them fit with some calf raises, heel walks, or different kinds of flexations with added resistance (you can use a towel, for example).

And an important notice from Sebastian: “Always train both sides! Being a skateboarder often means you use one side of your body a bit more. So now you can work on using both".

Get your board in the game

The good news is, that you can definitely make use of your board or an old deck even in your living room. Remove the trucks and go for some carpet boarding or make your own balance board with a bottle filled with water, and voila!

“All kinds of Shove-its and spins are perfect to practice on the carpet. Just make sure you don’t annoy your neighbors too much”, recommends Seb. So now is the time to work on that 360-shove-it or on a Big Spin.

If you get the DIY muse and do make your own balance board, then the best thing you can do is to work on your flexibility. An example that Sebastian mentions here is the Tuck Knee or basically anything that can boost your flex level.

Final words of wisdom

In the end, we spoke about the good side of the lockdown and Sebastian put it quite poetically, “Make the best of it! Try things you have never tried before on your board! Being locked in your home can really get you creative!”

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