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Danes know how to "hygge" but also know how to ski!

The Danish word "hygge" has become a symbol of the nation's ability to turn every moment into a heartwarming experience. Now combine this with skiing and you will get the coziest Freestyle championship ever.

Photo by: Felicia Engstrøm

We managed to grab ahold of one of the organizers of the Danish Freestyle championship in skiing and snowboarding, Laura Jensen. She gave us the secret to planning a "hygge" championship where talent and skill get unleashed.

Photo by: Thomas Vinther

So, Laura, knowing that Denmark is quite flat, when and where will you hold the championship?

Ha-ha! True! It will be in Avoriaz, France, during the Easter holidays, from the 3rd of April to the 12th of April and is organized by "Dansk freestyle og freeride center" and "Sunweb".

I bet that there are many people asking themselves "Denmark? Freestyle and freeride? How come?" What inspired the event?

In Denmark, we have no mountains and very rarely snow. Anyhow, the Danish Freestyle environment is a big thing.

Photo by: Thomas Vinther

It is a community with talented, dedicated and passionate riders. So any opportunity offered is utilized with skis or snowboard under the feet.

Should you be a pro, sponsored rider or...? What is important in order to participate?

The community is strong and everyone is welcome regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or city of origin. It is where you find the good and real friends. So you don't have to be a pro, sponsored or know someone, just sign up for the trip before the 1st of March 2020!

Photo by: Johan Duus

How would you characterize the Danish Nationals in three words?

Community, Fun, Generating (in all possible ways)!

What advice would you give to anyone who is in doubt whether to take part or not?

Like Nike would say it - "Just do it". You won't regret it. It will be the best trip in many years! We guarantee good weather, nice people, big event, big prices, entertainment and an Easter holiday for the books.

Photo by: Felicia Engstrøm

Whom can we expect to mingle with at the event?

Everybody! Families, young boys and girls, older boys and girls, pro skiers and snowboarders, non-pros, people who don't compete at the nationals and are just chilling, cheering and having a good time. Yes, The Nationals is for everybody!

Photo by: Yente Van Eydne

If you are feeling inspired and your feet are already itching for some snow action, sign up for the event here and see more details and info on Facebook.

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