Ryan Ruegg and Jon DeVrind on the North Horizon deck

If you haven't checked out the North Horizon yet, you have been missing out on some dope street decks. We hooked up with Badger Clit and Jon Devrind to hear why they ride the North Horizon.

The Horizon deck is popular among street riders all over the world. But what are the features that make it so good for street shredding?

We hooked up with pro riders Ryan Ruegg and Jon DeVrind to find out.

How is it to ride the Horizon deck compared to the previous decks you have ridden?

Jon: The deck is solid with a weight that carries properly. It's balanced and comfortable. The long wheelbase makes it feel bigger than it is - but not in a bad way. It slides just as good worn in as it does brand new, which is rare with these aluminum planks we spend our days on.

Ryan: In comparison to the Atlas deck or other decks I have ridden, the Horizon has sooo much more pop because of how short the headtube extends onto the deck. This also makes for a lot of foot space in comparison to other decks, which I really like.

How does it fit your style of riding? What are your favorite features?

Ryan: I'd say it fits my style with the flat bottom and boxed front end, which makes sliding any rail feel crazy buttery and nose blunts lock-in sooo proper. I also really dig the more simple headtube design.

Jon: As stated earlier, the long wheelbase makes balance-related tricks just that much better, and it eats every curb with ease.

For the rider, who doesn't know the brand, what is unique about the North Scooters according to you?

Jon: North is simple and fun, which is what scootering should be about forever and always. Good people, good friends, all that.‚Äč

Ryan: North is unique from other brands in many ways, one being the fact that they're the only deck company holding it down out of Canada. The team is stacked with flow and pro riders that all love scootering and want to see it progress into a healthy outlet you can express yourself artistically within.

Being able to be stoked on the team you ride for is a HUGE part of being a pro rider. North has given me the chance to have my own name on a deck that I got to personally decide the dimensions for. I'm so grateful for that opportunity, shoutout North.


Is your next deck going to be a North Horizon? If so you can find it right here. Be sure to follow Jon Devrind and Ryan Ruegg for more awesome scootering.

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