Bomba Hache: Skating, teaching and living life to the fullest on wheels

She is one of the top aggressive quad skaters in Europe. But it’s not all about competitions for Bomba Hache, in fact, she spends a lot of time coaching other roller skaters.

When she’s teaching English to the kids in Primary School, she is known by her birth name Sara. But when she’s shredding bowls, verts, and street, she’s known as Bomba Hache.

When she’s not skating herself, Bomba is doing events with Cibspain, which she founded and runs together with a handful of dedicated roller skaters, or teaching at workshops all over Europe.

"I get to meet people who share the same passion. Experiences like these allow me to meet new friends, grow as a roller skater, grow as a teacher, and live to the fullest those moments on wheels", Bomba says and adds.

It inspires and motivates watching other roller skaters

Bomba travels all over Europe to attend competitions and workshops. Her latest task was to spread her secrets on how to shred at the cibcrew workshop in Switzerland. But what does she get from teaching at these roller skating workshops?

"I feel very inspired and motivated by watching other roller skaters. These workshops give me the chance to travel to a lot of places and discover new skateparks and spots.", she says and adds.

"At the workshop in Switzerland, it was very cool to see how everybody was connecting with each other. It was so encouraging to see how passionate and powerful people were. They really improved fast and helped each other a lot. I felt really happy to see them smiling and having fun."

Cibcrew a welcoming sisterhood

Bomba is a part of the Cibcrew, a global community that empowers, inspires, and helps women who want to get into roller skating.

"CIB has really helped me with my setup, but the best thing is that they made me feel part of this fantastic inclusive community since day one," she says and adds:

"Thanks to the CIB, I was able to make contact with all these people around the world. It’s just fantastic to see how everybody welcomes you in their home place with open arms."


For more awesome aggressive quad skating, be sure to follow Bomba Hache on her Instagram profile. Want to get into aggressive quad skating? Learn more about Cibcrew right here.

Find all you need to get quad skating here.

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