The unsolvelved dilemma: jacket set vs. onesie

While the science world is trying to solve many important mysteries, our winter team is determined to figure out which is more comfortable: the traditional snow jacket and pants set, or the one-piece suit, a.k.a. a onesie.

The Test Equipment

In order to deliver the best results possible, we picked some of the best sellers for this season - Picture Seen jacket, Picture Seen pants, and in the opposition - Picture Xena onesie.

Our criteria

So, apparently Picture Organic has covered the essential dilemma with breathability, waterproofness, and warmth index.

That is why we focussed on snow-entry level, coolness level, and practicality.

The Results

Being absolutely technically flawless, both the Seen set and the Xena onesie were hard to criticize in any way.

Generally, opposing any common perception, the jacket set and the onesie are equally good at preventing snow from entering due to the locking system of the jacket and the pants.

In terms of practicality, you might say that taking off a jacket at the Apres ski is way easier than taking off half of your onesie down and tying it to your waist.

However, the inbuilt straps of the onesie help keep it in place even when halfway down.

Then it all comes down to the level of coolness. Skiing and snowboarding down in a one-piece is always a head-turner.

The advantage of a jacket set is that you can change the jacket or pants once you get bored with the combo.

So actually, it all comes down to your personal taste, because technical- and performance-wise, both the set and the onesie are top-notch.

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