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“We are going to face the Ronaldos and Messis of Roller Derby”

Photo by: Paul Jones Photography, Cardiff

The Danish national roller derby team is ready to take on the world elite in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Four tracks. 38 teams. More than 750 pumped up players. The world cup of Roller Derby is right around the corner. The event will take place in Manchester in the United Kingdom, February 1st. - 4th.

But before we dig any deeper into the world championship, we will introduce you to the basics of Roller Derby.

Watch a video about the most important/basic rules here.

Roller derby is a contact sport carried out on roller skates on an oval track. It’s played by two teams consisting out of five members each. Derby is a very versatile sport and there are many rules. We’ve made an infographic to cover the most basic rules.

Bringing their A-game

The Danish national team is at it’s very best at the moment, and even though they are facing Brazil, that has a few of the best players in the world, they are pretty confident about the tournament.

“Our last major tournament was in Wales, where we managed to surprise in a positive way. Our self-confidence is peaking, and we are at our very best at the moment. I believe and hope, that we can advance from the preliminary rounds of the tournament,” says Nelle Kjer, that plays for the Danish National Team.

Photo by: Paul Jones Photography, Cardiff

At SkatePro we have experienced an increasing sale of our Roller Derby skates and parts within the last couple of years. And to support the team and the sport, SkatePro sponsors a part of the teams living costs during the tournament.

Even though it would be great to win the tournament, this is not a part of the team's ambition.

“USA, England, Canada and Australia are on their own skill level. They are really good, and I think we will find the world champion among one of those teams,” Nelle says.

Meet with the stars

Besides the experience of participating in the world championship, Nelle is looking forward to seeing and meet some of the best players in the world.

“We are going to face the Ronaldos and Messis of Roller Derby. I predict some starstruckness, but this is not something, that will have a negative effect on our play. Probably the opposite,” Nelle Kjer says.

The tournament will be live-streamed here, and BBC will be transmitting the semi-finals and the grand final.

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Photo by: Paul Jones Photography, Cardiff

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