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Four ski highlights of the season

If you want to turn heads and helmets at the slopes, check out these four brand new and fresh pairs of skis. Caution: serious tech ahead - you may want to buy them!

This season's skis are loaded with combinations of materials and technologies that we can’t even pronounce, and the result is the ultimate "Frankenskies". Here are a few highlights.

Big news from Head for the ladies

This year, Head released the long-awaited woman version of the popular Kore series.

The 99mm waist model is an absolute showstopper with its all-mountain and freeride properties.

The combination of Graphene, honeycomb Koroyd, and Karuba make the Head Kore 99W super lightweight.

Add to that the waist of 99mm and you can easily fly on top of the powder.

The overall shape and construction are thought out to provide easy turn initiation and control on untouched snow as on the tracks as well.

Talking lightweight, Scott got something to say

Mentioning lightweight, we can’t miss out mentioning the Scott Superguide 95 touring skis.

These are built to float like a feather on the powder, while the full-length wood core provides you with a consistent flex and control.

The 3Dimention Sidecut and the tip shape give you a good edge hold when you need it and smooth turn transition.

All in all, the Scott Superguide 95 is super light without compromising your downhill performance.

Get back on track with Völkl Deacon

If you want optimal performance on the piste in any conditions, the new Völkl Deacon XTD are going to be your best mates.

The Dual Wood Core and partial sidewalls in the center of the ski provide you with great control, stability, and power transfer.

The Deacon XTD are perfect for both upper-intermediate skiers who want to progress and top their last performance and advanced riders who need the tools to perform their best.

Once you have reached pro racer level - Atomic

And if you have already elevated to expert level and are looking for some real speed thrill, check the Atomic Redster S9 FIS.

These race monsters are filled with all that high tech words we talked about in the beginning: Ultra Titanium Powered laminate, Active Flex Interface and many more.

All this translates into FIS approved skis with extraordinary power steering, agility, and stability, all while you are going down the tracks at top speed.

The titanium layer adds extra torsional rigidity and edge grip which you will need for sure.


Want to see all the new skis we got in stock? Check our shop and find your pair.

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