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Skate with clean conscious. Skate a Real Renewals deck

Being a tree hugger and a skateboarder doesn’t always work as supposed to. But now, Real Skateboards have found the perfect way to go green - the Renewal deck series.

Less waste, more skate

No trees have been injured during the production of these decks! The Real Renewals are made out of recycled (yes, you heard right - recycled!) wood which minimizes the amount of wood waste.

Normally it takes quite a lot of wood to make them boards popping under your feet, so you can be sure that with the Real Renewals you are doing something good for Mother Nature while you are kick flipping around.

No compromises made

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘recycled’. That doesn’t mean your deck won’t last long or miss some sweet pop.

On the contrary, there might be some magic bits and pieces of Chima Ferguson’s last deck in yours that will take you to the pros.

We are still talking a solid, 7-ply maple that can take some serious beating - recycled or not!

All for one and one for all...hell, no!

And just like any other Real deck, the Renewal construction has its specifics to match a certain riding style.

As the guys from Real put it, “all skaters are not the same - why should their boards be”.

The Real Renewals construction is meant for those who like mellow, foot-hugging concaves. So if you are into practicing your manuals, these decks will rock your world.


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