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Inspiration, progress and simply love for skateboarding

We hear pro skaters talking about how they got to the top but we rarely hear the youngsters on their way to glory. We had a chat with a truly inspiring kid and team rider, Tom Keatman on what does it take to skate!

Pure love, unpretentious honesty and emotions are exactly what you can get when talking to young athletes. If you want to get closest to how it feels devoting your life to a sport, these guys are a true inspiration.

Tom Keatman has been skateboarding since he was 9 and he is going strong, especially recently. What motivates him? Let’s hear it from Tom.

So Tom, how did it all start? How did the skateboarding bug bite you?

“My brother got a scooter and a skateboard for his birthday a few years ago and when we went to the skatepark he let me have a go. Then I wanted both a scooter and a skateboard for Christmas and after about 3 times at the skatepark, we sold my scooter because it never got used. I’ve been hooked on skating ever since”.

And now you are pretty much a master of it. What does it take to be flipping tricks like you?

“You need determination and to just keep trying and then practice”.

Sounds simple but how do you cope with all the falls and injuries?

“I try not to get injured but if it does happen I take time to heal properly. I know my own body, so it tells me when I’m ready to skate again”.

Wise advice from a wise young man. What do you see yourself telling all the young riders when you become a pro then?

“To keep trying and to never give up. To enjoy skating.”

What do you enjoy doing when not skateboarding?

“I watch skate videos on YouTube and play Skate 3”

Ok, so you are absolutely devoted to skateboarding. Is this why you are always smiling when we see you with a board?

“It is because I enjoy skating. It’s the best thing in the world, nothing else is like it.”


It sounds like a simple recipe but, to be honest, probably the most effective. All it takes is pure love and devotion and the rest will follow.

So no matter what your passion is and how old you are, just keep it simple, keep trying, and if you need anything, we got your back!

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