There’s a new brand in town

Primo BMX comes straight out of Long Beach, California, USA. This amazing brand has been delivering BMX parts since the 90s, and now you can get it here at SkatePro.

We love BMX gear, and the new parts from Primo BMX are no exception. So, of course, we wanted to share it with our favorite riders - you guys.

These tires are made for going big

The Stevie Churchill BMX Tires from Primo are everything a street rider who likes to go big wants.

The tire's centerline is designed to give you minimum resistance when riding upright, making them fast. Lay the bike down, and the extra treads on the side give you the perfect traction.

The all-over knurled pattern gives you the perfect grip, so you can land safe, after doing a crazy 360 tailwhip down a massive staircase, just like Stevie.

Stay on your bike

If you love to ride hard, you should check out the Primo JJ Palmere pedals.

These bad boys are made from impact-resistant plastic/nylon material and installed through a Chromoly spindle for maximum durability.

The risk of slipping off the pedals and hurting your shin is slim to none due to the 14 pins on each pedal, which gives you superior traction.

Stay in control

Do you want maximum control when you are doing technical lines? Then go for the Balance Bar by Primo.

This bar is taller than most others. Many riders feel that this is making it easier to control the bike, especially when doing tricks where balance means everything.

The bar's width is 27" making it rather narrow, allowing you to maximize the performance of barspins and at the same time center the grips.

Check out the rest of our selection form Primo right here.

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