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NEW ARRIVALS: The Meta by Tilt signature wheels are here

The wheels from Meta by Tilt are paying tribute to some of the sickest scooter riders around. We hooked up with Collin Snoek to hear more about the new models from Andrew Zamora, Tommy Christiana, and Will Cashion.

The new wheels from Meta by Tilt are in stock, and they look amazing. This new and limited signature range might be the sweetest looking wheels we’ve seen this year.

We wanted to hear more, and what better way to do that than talking with founder and owner of Tilt Scooters Collin Snoek to hear more about the wheels.

Hey Collin. We all know the Tilt brand and the scooter parts from Tilt, but what's the story behind the Meta brand?

Just a few guys creatively drive Tilt, and we already have so many ideas that we rarely produce signature products. Meta was conceptualized to make sure Tilt continues to give back to riders and push signature designs.

Can you tell us a little about why you have chosen the riders you did for the new collab?

Honestly, the choice was easy for two reasons. First, all of these guys (Barrios, Zamora, Christiana, and Cashion) have all really dedicated themselves to scootering and deserved something from us in return.

Second, the concept of Meta is to revolve riders. Meta isn't so much a team as it is a place for all riders to join and represent. I'm hopeful that long term, more and more riders will have the opportunity to have a signature product with Meta.

The designs of the wheels are unique. Can you tell us how the riders have been involved in the design process?

The riders have conceptualized their print graphics and selected the colors of their wheels. This, of course, includes urethane, core, and print colors. We had some mistakes in the designs such that not everyone was content with their wheel. We're happy to say that we worked through that and updated the designs, and everyone is really happy with how the wheels came out in the end!

The cool thing about Meta is that there is no bind to which products it makes and which riders it endorses. Meta is purposely relaxed in this way. I'm excited to see what happens.

The core on the Meta wheels looks totally unique, can you tell us a little more about the design?

The Meta core is a throwback to the original scooter company logo. I can't say much else here, but I was stoked on how it took me back to the roots of how many of us started riding!


Want your own pair of Meta Wheels? Then grab a set here, but hurry before they are gone.

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