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NEW ARRIVALS: District Scooter's new the C50 Replica line

District Scooters pays homage to 5 of their most legendary riders with the new C50 Replica line. We talked to one of them, Lewis Crampton, to hear more.

Richard Zelinka, Cam Ward, Helmeri Pirinen, Coedie Donovan and Lewis Crampton are all District team riders, who have all earned a spot in scooter history. Now the brand has made a range of complete scooters to honor them.

The range is based on the C50 complete, but the C50 Replica scooter has a longer and broader deck and a box cut instead of a long peg-cut.

Grinds are easier to lock in and control thanks to the double rails at the bottom of the deck. The aluminum bar is strong and light. This scooter is perfect for the newcomer and intermediate rider, who wants to go bigger and wilder.

So, Lewis the Replica line is a way to reward the riders that have cemented their names in the history books of scootering while being a part of the district Brand. So how did District choose which riders to include?

Helmeri Pirinen and Coedie Donovan have influenced and motivated countless riders and invented staple tricks that we still see every day trough the two decades they have been riding.

Cam Ward had been part of the District family since the very beginning ten years ago. His name is synonymous with ours, and he still has one of the most distinctive riding styles on the planet. He manages to ride, compete, and film all while battling with Crohn's disease for much of that time is nothing short of inspirational.

Richard Zelinka has dominated competitive scootering for years now, attacking and overcoming everything he sets his eye on. He has not only stamped the iconic King of Kings title alongside his name for the past couple of years but has taken on the mega ramp and started his own project to create something special – truly a man capable of achieving anything.

I didn't decide to include my name in this remarkable line-up of tributary Replica completes. I would guess I'm there because of my involvement behind the scenes with the brand over the past couple of years. It's an incredible privilege to be in a list as prestigious as the one above, and I don't take it lightly. It's an honor that I'm super grateful for!

Can you tell us a little more about how the different designs came around?

Each of the guys approached this process in their own way. Cam Ward’s matches his tattoo and was designed by former District rider and good friend of Cam’s, Michael Goumaz.

Coedie’s pays homage to his days in the early 2000s when he would customize his scooters with bandanas. It was designed by District parts designer and fellow OG Fernando Young.

Richard’s shows off his beloved home country, with a vista of Prague, Czech Republic, drawn up by his best friend and artist Daniel Baudys.

Mine represents a whole plethora of things I hold dear, ranging from my hometown’s football shirt, a reference to my car accident in 2005, to my former brand Uniun apparel, to my love of traveling the world, and it was designed by a friend and illustrator Daniel Baker.

Helmeri, too, took control himself and approached it with an old-school computer game theme, featuring a handful of things he loves back home in Helsinki, Finland.


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