Top 4 autumn roller skates

We love skating, and there's nothing more beautiful than a stroll on your roller skates on an autumn day, where the low sun is shining from a crisp blue sky.

We found 4 skates that are perfect for cruising all fall long, no matter if you are new to roller skating or a seasoned quad skater.

A perfect skate for the beginner and intermediate skater

If you are searching for a classic roller skate with a true autumn color, look no further than the Roces Suede quad skate.

You get a perfect balance point due to the high heel that's inspired by old school figure skates. It will make you feel much safer, and reduce the risk of you tipping over.

The hard bushings make the skates stable when you are out rolling, which is perfect if you are a newcomer or an intermediate roller skater.

Comfy and good looking

The Rio Roller Rose Roller Skates are not only looking sweet, but they are also a pure joy to ride.

The soft Eva foam padding will keep your feet happy for hours without getting sore, and the high cuff gives you superior ankle support.

You get excellent stability thanks to the stiff plate, aluminum trucks, and the hard cushions. All these features also provide you with a smooth roll.

Go retro this autumn

Get a retro autumn vibe with the Rio Roller Signature skates. These skates have all that a beginner would need.

The high cuff gives you control and support, and the stiff plate and hard cushions a stable ride. Furthermore, the comfy insoles reduce the risk of sore feet.

Pushing off and breaking is much easier due to the adjustable toe stop, which allows you to customize them to fit your needs perfectly.

Made for having fun and cruising

The Sunny Bloom skates from Tempish are made for having fun and cruising around town.

The boot is made like your favorite sneakers, making it comfy yet supportive. The low cut also makes this skate very agile.

You'll get a smooth roll thanks to the combination of the wheels and the fast ABEC 7 bearings. Ohh, and did we mention that this skate looks amazing.


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