Must-haves for alpine skiing

The 2018 season has begun and will soon hit its peak. In a few weeks, thousands of skiers will travel to the ski resorts on the hunt for the characteristic swoosh sound as the skis are carving their way down the perfect corduroy slopes in the sunny weather.

We've made a list of the things you can't live without on a ski trip.


Can’t decide whether you want to race down piste or to ski fresh powder off-piste? With a pair of all mountain, you can do both. Many all mountain skis are quite wide and have high tips, which makes them great for off-piste and piste. If you’re skiing piste just as often as off-piste, a pair of all mountain skis with a medium width is often equally appropriate for both kinds of skiing. Get the perfect pair of skis here.

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These guys are essential when you’re racing down the slopes. The poles help you to keep your balance as well as turning. Furthermore, they’re also a crucial tool, when you’re hiking. Poles are made of many different materials and in many many heights. Be sure to find a pair of poles that fit you properly. Find our selection of poles, and read more on how to find the right pole size for you here.

Ski boots

The importance of choosing the right pair of ski boots should not be underestimated. It’s not only about comfort for your feet, but also a matter of getting the best ski control possible and of course your performance out on the mountain. We carry a strong selection of ski boots for both adults and kids, see more here.

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It’s very simple. Play it safe and wear a helmet. It doesn't make it less fun to ski, on the contrary, wearing a ski helmet gives you the confidence to push yourself a little further. There are also other advantages of wearing a helmet such as keeping your head warm, which is important as the body loses more heat from the head than anywhere else. Check out our wide selection of helmets here.

Ski jacket and pants

When you’re out on the slopes, it’s important to keep warm and dry no matter the weather conditions. Hard shell jackets and pants are designed to be wind and waterproof, and at the same time let your body breathe. It’s a superior choice that allows you to stay out on the slopes and focus on the most important things: skiing and having fun. Check out our great selection of ski wear here.

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Thermal underwear

It might "only" be the inner layer, but a good set of thermal underwear is crucial for when you’re out for a long day of fun on the mountain. A quality set of thermals is worth the investment. It will lead the sweat and moisture away from your body. This will not only keep you warm but regulate your body temperature. Check out our selection of thermal underwear for women, men and kids here


Keeping your fingers warm and dry is important, when your out having fun on the slopes, and a great pair of gloves is the key to success. Make sure to choose a glove size that leaves a little extra space in your ski glove, which will reduce the risk of getting cold fingers. You should always make sure to bring an extra pair of gloves, so you can change them if they get soaked. Get inspired to find your next pair of gloves here.


Whether you're heading out skiing in sunny or cloudy weather, goggles are essential to bring for a day out. If the sun is out, you need to protect your eyes, and even though it’s cloudy and grey, the sun's reflection in the snow can be very strong. The more expensive ski goggles don't get fogged up as easily as the cheaper ones. Of course, the durability of the ski goggles is typically consistent with the price. Get your goggles here.

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