A must-see: FERDA. Ski movie for the love of snow

The new Danish ski and snowboard movie FERDA is premiering on November 2nd in Copenhagen and is definitely something to check out. Why? We asked one of the creators, Jakob Ebskamp.

The snow movie FERDA is finally ready and is loaded with sick tricks, crazy mountains, and love for the white magic called snow and we are so stoked to be part of the project. Check the teaser here!

We had a quick chat with Jakob Ebskamp, one of the creators together with Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen, about the idea and inspiration behind the movie.

Not just a regular snow movie

Apart from top-notch skiing and snowboarding across the globe, FERDA has this extra spice to it that makes it unique:

“FERDA isn’t entirely about the tricks and stunts we do on our skis and boards. It also shows why we care so much about what we do. It shows our ups and downs and tells the story of our winter”, says Jakob.

It all started like this...

“I’ve always been really inspired by ski movies in general but when I was younger it was particularly the Danish ski movies from RAD-film”, says Jakob and continues:

“Now we figured that it was our turn to create a movie and give something back to the ski and snowboard community that we love so dearly”.

Not as easy as it looks

Watching the final product, usually makes you think that these guys are just living a life traveling and skiing. But that definitely ain’t the case.

FERDA is also the result of hard work, sweat, and a good deal of ups and downs. We asked Jakob about the 3 hardest moments during the shooting:

1: Filming street skiing in Helsinki, Finland.

“It was -20 degrees and we had more than one day of not getting any shots at all but instead people getting hurt or our plans not working out. Besides that, it was also a great experience and possibly my favorite part in the movie”

2: People getting hurt.

“Our main snowboard guy, Lasse, was very determined to land his very first backside double cork 1080 but on his very first run of just testing the big jump, the strong wind blew him straight to the face. This resulted in a concussion, which meant he was done for the week. Luckily he recovered quickly and won both Slopestyle and Big Air in the Danish Championships two weeks later in France”

3. No snow in Chile.

“We traveled around 30 hours to go to the other side of the world to ski epic powder in the middle of the summer. We got really disappointed when we arrived in the mountains to find out that there wasn’t enough snow and the forecast was calling for rain. Nevertheless, we got creative and still got some really good shots. The trip was an amazing experience and it is also the closing segment of the movie.”


So join the journey and check out the events near you:

2/11 2019 20:00 pm - Absalon, Copenhagen
8/11 2019 20:00 pm - Oops, Århus
9/11 2019 20:00 pm - Studenterhuset, Odense

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