YES. Snowboards: Something worth waiting for!

Yes. Snowboards keep on rocking and winning awards, including this years’ Whitelines Product bible testing for Men’s Newcomer board. Want to see the winner? Read on, there are many goodies to come!

“And the winner is…”

The Yes. Hybrid snowboard. This winter season, Yes. literally exploded with this new “halfbreed” of a board.

It has quickly turned into the absolute favorite for the guys from Whitelines magazine, aka the snowboarders’ bible.

What makes the Hybrid so special is its revolutionary design for a freeride board shape - a bit downsized and with a wider waist.

Combine that with crazy Tapered UnderBite technology and directional CamRock profile with just enough lift, and you got yourself an all-mountain monster.

The Yes. Hybrid will give you that perfect line in the powder, initiate and perform tight, agile turns among the trees and absolutely blow your mind on the tracks.

A well-known favorite of the ladies

The Yes. Emoticon has been around for a few seasons now and no wonder, it is back again - it holds its edge no matter what. Literally!

The Emoticon is a legend when it comes to edge hold. It is the perfect women’s snowboard when it comes to an easy-going and reliable partner in progression.

The flex of the board is just soft enough to give you that pleasant ride without breaking your legs and at the same time charge you down the slopes.

It is super agile and easy to handle. Simply a lover boy!

The odd one out

We couldn’t skip mentioning one of the “weirdos” from the Yes. catalog this year, namely the 420.

It is short, it is fat, and belongs to the wild. Even the look of the Yes. 420 tells you that it should be kept in the woods and in deep powder.

The volume makes it flow just as good as a longer board, while the shortness makes it easy to spin in the backcountry.

With reduced surface and increased volume, the 420 is definitely one of these boards you keep for special pow days. It is not meant for the tracks but boy, oh boy, once it hits the deep white - it performs.

Check all we got from Yes. and keep an eye out, so you can grab your favorite once it drops.

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