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Yummy parts from Chubby Wheels Co.

Are you tired of black or white parts? Add some color and style to your setup with one of the sweet-looking parts from the rider-owned Chubby Wheels Co.

The guys from Chubby wheels are spaced out, and we mean that in a good way!

Their designs are like no other in the industry. But the parts Chubby makes do not only look good - it's all about quality as well.

A delicious choice.

Got the munchies for new wheels? Then the Melocore and Donut Melocore wheels are a yummy choice.

These sweet wheels have a hollow core making them lightweight but at the same time, the construction of the core makes them durable.

Equipped with fast ABEC 9, you get all the speed you need to take your riding to the next level.

Flashy grip tape

Chubby wheels are known for making flashy parts. The Waffle Scooter Grip, Sticky Scooter Grip, and Burger Boy Scooter Grip are no exception.

No matter which of the three pieces of grip tape you end up choosing, you will be sure to draw some attention at the skate park or in the street.

The size of these pieces of grip tape will fit most standard sized decks.

A crazy bar

The gussets on the Butter bar is out of this world. The bar is made of Chrome steel, making it durable and light - so, perfect for the park sessions.

This beauty comes in both Oversized and Standard versions. Choose between 3 sick looking colorways.


Check out the rest of our selection from Chubby Wheels Co. right here.

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