Take care of your longboard during autumn!

You don’t want to let go of your beloved board even though that autumn is upon us. We totally understand! That is why we asked Cassandre Lemoine for some expert tips on longboard fall caretaking.

Rain, dirt, branches, and leaves - all these, as romantic as they can be, are not your longboard’s favorite things in the world.

Unfortunately, autumn brings plenty of them but that doesn’t mean "no longboarding"!

Who says...Cassandre got something to tell

“Who says rain, means risk of slipping?! Who says rain means weakening of the material?!”.

This is exactly how our team rider Cassandre Lemoine reacts to the phrase “no longboarding in autumn”.

With loads of experience and loads of passion for longboarding, she definitely knows a few tricks on how to ride during the rainy season. Here they are!

No1: Tighten your trucks

Tightening the trucks on your longboard is something that you can do to prevent too much speed and slipping in wet conditions.

“This will prevent too much carver and the wheels will pick up speed slower since you won't be able to pump so much. We avoid falls on the wet ground like this!”, says Cassandre.

No2: Take care of your bearing

When it comes to water and dust, it is, of course, the bearings that suffer a lot.

“Take care of your bearings. Clean them regularly using WD40”, advises Cassandre.

And if you usually do that, double the amount of pampering for them babies to make sure they are good.

No3: Small changes - Big difference

“Install special 'rain' wheels. Wheels with grooves will help you avoid slipping on the ground”, says our pro-advisor.

If you wonder what these might be, check out this recent post where we talk about Shark wheels and their superpowers.

No4: Desperate times call for desperate measures

Finally, Cassandre came out with an option if the conditions are really, REALLY hopeless:

“If the weather is really bad, stay warm at home with your board, in front of a good movie with popcorn”. Now that doesn’t sound that bad at all!


And if you still need to do some pimping of your ride, check our store - we got all you need (except the popcorn)!

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