Welcome to Zoo York

One of the legendary skateboard brands, Zoo York, is a favorite of many. Paying homage to the New York skate scene and the big city street culture, the guys from Zoo York deliver super quality and clean graphics.

Graffiti, skyscrapers, or a simple stand-out logo. This is Zoo York. But there is a lot more to these decks than just cool graphics.

From skateboarders to skateboarders

Founded in 1993 by pro skater Rodney Smith, Eli Morgan Gesner, and Adam Schatz, Zoo York quickly turned into the Eastside representative.

While many brands focused on the West Coast surf culture, the guys from Zoo York made a brand for the city street culture.

Quality boards made for the streets

No matter if it is a Zoo York deck or a Zoo York complete, you are surely going to be popping high and flipping good.

All boards from the concrete zoo of York are made with 100% Canadian maple which makes them super sturdy, durable and perfect for street tricks.

A mellow concave is added so that you can have perfect control over your tricks which makes Zoo York decks and completes one of the best first-buy boards.

Love the streets and shine bright

One of the trademarks of Zoo York decks is their clean, yet stand-out design. Whether it is the logo we all know, the classical tag, or the city landscape, Zoo Yorks are always easy to spot.

And why not adding some bling with the foil series decks - keep the graphics and colors for longer, despite all the grinds.


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