Skate shoes are better! ‘Nough said!

No matter if you are going out for a skate or longboard session, BMX, or scooter ride, you must know that your sneaks can be either your best mate or your worst enemy. This is why it is super important to get the right shoe, aka a skate shoe!

Nowadays, you can find sneakers in all colors, models, brands, and tech designs. But when it comes to streetwear, it is not all about the looks but also the ability of the shoes to take some beating and still be comfy. That is why skate shoes are vital!

Padding is the secret

What skate shoes have more to offer, compared to regular streetwear, is padding.

Take, for example, these Straye Fairfax Canvas sneaks - they have added padding at the tongue and collar.

Plus, the guys from Straye have patented their AcidDrop™ Bounceology which is some serious insole tech that makes the shoes more comfortable than the regular ones and takes a great deal of the impact when you land your tricks.

Durability is king

Skate shoes are also put through some serious torture from street riding and doing tricks. So durability and sturdiness are an absolute must.

With plenty of years of experience, Vans knows that pretty well and that results in one of the toughest shoes out there - the Vans 112 Pro.

Designed by the Vans pro team, these monsters can take some rough rides.

They are equipped with Duracap rubber in the front foot area for total support, sturdy canvas or suede uppers, and...ta daa - you also get the amazing Ultracush HD footbed for better high impact cushioning.

They can even get specific

Some skate shoes are even specifically made with a certain type of riding in mind. Take the Lakai Cambridge, for example. Even the name itself suggests classy old-school looks.

But more than that, the Lakai Cambridge shoes are specifically designed and optimized for flatland tricks and technical skateboarding.

You get a comfy feel by the LITE-DELUXE footbed, durability due to the combo of materials and great board feel and control thanks to the elastic and vulcanized outsole.

Did we convince you? We thought so! Check out our selection of skate shoes here and hit the streets!

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