The new bikes from WeThePeople are here!

Don’t miss out on the 2020 complete BMX bikes from WeThePeople. Find out more about these amazing rides right here.

WeThePeople are known for delivering quality parts and bikes since 1996. And the brand’s good reputation is also why many of the world’s best pro BMX’ers are riding WeThePeople.

Here are 4 of the bikes from their 2020 collection. 4 new complete bikes are up for pre-order right now. Click here to check out the full range.

Perfect for your first tricks

Do you want an easy handling bike for the newcomer, then look no further than the Nova BMX from Wethepeople.

The frame’s semi-short geometry for an enhanced feeling is making tricks and progress easy. You get a responsive and playful bike, thanks to the fork's 26mm offset.

This bike comes in three sweet looking colorways and has a rear U-brake included.

Take your tricks to the next level

Are you a newcomer or an intermediate rider who wants to do technical street tricks? Then the Arcade 20" 2020 is the right choice for you.

The frame's 12.75" rear end secures a responsive bike, making it easier to rotate and do manuals. This bike is packed with quality aftermarket parts from Salt and Éclat, which gives you a BMX that can progress with you.

You will have a superior grip on all surfaces, thanks to the Saltplus 'Sting' 2.35" street tires with a knurled tread pattern for increased traction.

Push your riding to the limit

If you are the type of rider, who pushes himself and the gear to the limit, when you are riding street, then the Trust is the BMX to go for.

This complete is built of some of the best parts Salt, Éclat, and WeThePeople have to offer, such as the highly durable cold-forged Onyx stem and sprocket.

The geometrics of the durable Chromium Steel frame makes this bike perfect for manuals and grinds. The Éclat Trippin Rims are designed with a super-strong double wall, which makes them ideal for the heavier rider.

The Trust comes in a cassette hub version and a freecoaster version for endless fakie fun.

A pro-level bike

The Battleship BMX is a pro-level bike in a box. This beast is built from 100% aftermarket parts and has the latest cutting edge parts from Éclat.

You get a light, responsive, and durable bike that's perfect for techy street riding due to parts such as the Battleship Chromoly frame and the Battleship fork with a 24mm short offset.

With the solid double-walled Éclat Bondi front and rear rims, you can fly over the highest gap without having to worry about them breaking.

All the bearings on the bike are sealed, which means less maintenance and more riding because the bearings are protected against moist, gravel, and dust.


Be sure to check out all the parts and completes from WeThePeople right here.

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