Sam Crofts on his new signature skates

Sam Crofts is one of the most innovative bladers to come out of the UK, and now this powerhouse blader has gotten his first signature skate from USD. We hooked up with Sam to hear more.

Sam grinds rails in a way that the rest of us can only dream about. He's known for his persistent, crazy hammers and creative approach to big spots.

He’s won a series of major street contests all across Europe and has also won the HangLosers Super Bowl contest at Winterclash (twice!) Earning himself over 200 beers in the process!"

Now he has his own signature skate. But what does he look for in a skate?

“I want a slim, strong, simple and responsive skate. It's also gotta be quiet, I can’t stand squeaky or creaky skates.”, Sams says.

A landmark in any bladers life

Crofts has been aggressive skating since around 2000 and has worked his way up within the world of blading. Reaching the point of getting your own signature skate must be mind-blowing. How does it feel to accomplish that?

"Receiving your first pro skate is obviously a landmark point in any bladers life. It's super flattering to know that your sponsor digs your skating enough to award you with your own signature skate", Sam says and continues.

"It's also kinda surreal seeing people all around the world skating something with your name on it."

Perfect for street blading

Sam had the total creative freedom to pick the mold, shell, liners, laces, and so on. For him, choosing the AEON was a natural choice.

"It's a boot I've been using since we tested the first prototypes. The rest of the components are the ones I feel compliment the Aeon's design best”, he says and adds.

"I like the simplicity of the design and how it lends itself to my skating. The unibody concept is very strong and provides an amazing energy transfer. The design also allows me to easily skate a full 60mm flat set up, which suits me well for street skating in London. (British floor sucks!)”


Give Sam Crofts a follow on Instagram for more crazy urban blading. Want your very own pair of aggressive skates that are optimized to meet the demands of British road work,? Then grab a pair USD Aeon 60 Sam Crofts Pro right here.

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