3 tips on how to get ready for the snowboard season

Just a few more days, circa 60 or 70, and the winter season will be blasting in full throttle. So, no time to waste! Get ready for it in time with our team rider tips from Kristoffer Fredriksson.

Kristoffer has been riding since he was 12. He still remembers his grandma coming home with a K2 snowboard for a present. “The best day of my life and ever since I was hooked”, he says.

Now, with this level of devotion and love, we can definitely trust Kristoffer giving us a few tips on how to prep for the snowboard season. Here we go!

Tip #1: Go skateboarding

Yes, you heard right - skateboarding, not snowboarding. Or at least until the snow falls.

Since skateboarding and snowboarding are pretty similar when it comes to technique, you can definitely improve your snow skills during the summer while shredding the streets.

Tip #2: Biking is the perfect fitness

“Cycling is a good fitness and leg workout. Plus, it keeps your knees fresh for the winter,'' says Kristoffer.

Wise man! We all know the annoying knee aches once you hit the snow for the first time.

Sitting at a desk or simply being inactive can really weaken your knees and if you stress them too much too sudden, it may not be that pleasant.

Tip #3: Go Zen or simply stretch

Whether it is yoga or just simple stretching every day for 10-15 minutes, you will most certainly feel the difference this season.

Gaining flexibility and giving your body the chance to relax and stretch out can really extend your sessions out in the snow.

As Kristoffer says, “The body will last forever if you have good mobility”. So grab a mat and reach out for these toes.

The secret tip

“When the summer comes, I wax the coating of the board one more time before putting it in the storage room, so the coating does not dry over the summer”, shares Kristoffer with a wink.

And if you think it is time for a new ride, check our stock. We are already stocked up with some of the new models for this season from all your favorite brands.

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