SUP in autumn: Yes, you can!

Many people think that autumn means locking your SUP board in the garage and patiently waiting for spring. Good news: This is definitely not the case and fall stand-up paddling has a lot to offer.

A beautiful, golden-leaf SUP tour in the lake nearby can be such a treat. So, you seriously need to consider SUPing in autumn. Just remember the essentials!

Be prepared and fear not

One of the most important things when stand-up paddling during this season is that you are well prepared for it.

You need to consider that the temperatures are not as high as in summer, even though the sun may be out all day.

The weather is quite unstable too, which means it can change from one moment to the other.

This should not stop you. All you need is a good wetsuit, thick enough to keep you warm but still with the freedom to move.

A good solution is a combo of a Long John (or Long Jane for the ladies) and a chillwear top or hoodie.

Check, for example, the O’Neill Reactor 2mm front-zipper and the ION Muse Long Jane. Combine them with the ION Neoprene Hoodie and the ION 2mm neoprene top and voilà!

And considering that the day is shorter and you may get caught in the twilight while still in the water, it is always good to have a headlamp in your bag. Just in case!

“It ain’t over till it’s over”

Lenny Kravitz sang it and it really seems to fit the occasion. The fact that the summer sun has gone, doesn’t mean you should stop enjoying your stand-up paddleboard.

Not only does the autumn weather often surprise with some long sunny days but it also has plenty of charm to it - the colors around you, the scents of rain in the air and the calm breeze.


Feeling inspired? Check our inflatable SUP boards and start planning your fall trip.

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