Hot news from Element!

Warning! Serious Element addiction is possible. No need to talk too much here. We will just say - Element, new decks, new collabs, sick looks. Check out some of the fresh stock we just got in the house.

Viva la Bam

We all love him and seeing him getting back to Element makes us happier than ever. Especially when such cool decks are the outcome - namely the Element Bam Heartagram deck.

The deck is a tribute to the Element skateboard legend and the Finnish band “HIM”.

It features a Featherlight construction, 7-ply Candian maple construction but the highlight is the sick top sheet.

Best part, you can combine it with the matching Element Bam Heartagram wheels...just sayin’.

10-years anniversary as a pro Element skater

Now that is a way to celebrate! Admittedly, this is one of the coolest collabs of the year.

Element rider, Ray Barbee celebrating 10 years as a pro, launches a classic popsicle and directional deck series featuring the iconic graphics by Sean Cliver "Ragdoll".

The Cliver’s Ragdoll graphic is one of the longest-running characters when it comes to skateboard graphics. He is a total legend in the world of skateboarding artwork.

Element X Nat Geo: sustainable and super techy

Another collab highlight is the recent Element and National Geographic team-up. All of the Nat Geo decks come with a distinctive look featuring the well-known yellow square.

But the looks is just the beginning. All decks and Nat Geo completes in the series are made with sustainably harvested wood, water-based, harmless to the Earth, glues and organic dyes.

And good for nature also means good for you. The thin and strong veneers make these boards super light and extra poppy.

Top that with a premium concave shape and you got a longer-lasting pop and decklife.

P.S. Parts of the proceeds of the sale will go to the National Geographic Society in the name of science, exploration, conservation, and education.


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