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The new AO Aztro 5.6" deck is killer

Our team rider Christian Jensen aka "Aztro Boi" has just gotten his own signature deck. We hooked up with him to hear more about his new deck, and how he has put his mark on it.

Every Scooter rider out there dreams of getting a signature deck, but it's only a very few that succeed. This summer, Christian "Aztro Boi" Jensen got one. We talked to him about his AO Aztro 5.6" Stunt Scooter Deck.

Made for grinding

Christian's new deck is perfect for street riding with its 5.6” width, boxed ends, and fully flat bottom, all features that he looks for in a deck.

"A must for me is the width and the length. I want space for my feet, and also a big grinding surface. It's my main priority, compared to getting a small and light park deck”, he says and adds:

"Besides that, I like those small details that make the deck smoother to grind, such as rounded ends, which is better for 5-0s, plus a flat bottom that gives a better sliding feel."

It's an extraordinary feeling

As for many other riders, it has always been a dream for Christian to get his own signature deck.

"It's an extraordinary feeling. It's crazy that you reach a point, where other people want to ride a deck with your name on. Of course, it's also sweet to get a deck that is designed to fit your needs specifically.”, he says.

The new Aztro Pro signature deck comes in three lengths: 20.5”, 21.5”, 22.5”, which means that you can get a perfect fit just like Christian.

A simple design

The graphic design on the bottom of the deck is designed by Aztro himself, with the help of AO's graphic designer.

"I got inspired by skateboarding, where the deck art is second and the guy on the board is the primary focus. In my opinion, scooter deck graphics are often too detailed, and the artwork gets scraped off after a short time.", he says.

Besides Christian’s deck, we just got signature decks from his fellow AO team riders Ruben Rodriguez, Dante Hutchinson, and Derek Marr.


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