Is this the lightest BMX inner tube ever? 

By using a cutting edge material, the guys from Tubolito have made an inner tube that’s not only more than 50% lighter than the average BMX bicycle inner tube, but also double as durable.

The founders of Tubolito, Christian Lembacher and Akos Kertesz, are both engineers, but they are also cycling enthusiasts. They started the brand to change the cycling experience for all bike lovers out there.

By using new technologies and high-tech materials, the two passionate tube-engineers have made a product that will revolutionize the bike tube industry and the way you ride.

Save weight where it counts

Weight is an issue, no matter if you are aiming to go higher on the ramps or faster on the race track.

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The Turbo BMX tubes from Tubolito are 54% lighter, compared to your average traditional rubber ones. This means that you save valuable grams and reduce your rolling resistance, which again allows you to go faster.

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The Tubilito tubes come in size 20” and 24” and you can choose between Schrader or Presta valves.

Double as durable as your average inner tube

But the tubes from Tubolito are not only lighter than your average tubes but also more durable! In fact, it takes twice as much force to push a needle through it.

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Both durable and light at the same time, what's the secret? Well, Tubolito tubes are made from a thermoplastic elastomer, called TPU.

This material is known for being lightweight and robust. TPU has been replacing rubber products in the pharma and automobile industry for years. When will you start to make the switch?


Find all the different Turbo tubes and the Glueless Patches Tubo Flix-Kit from Tubolito right here.

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