How to get back on track after an injury with Adam Otreszko

Doing action sports and progressing in them might once in a while come to a halt. We spoke with our team rider, Adam Otreszko-Arski, how to get back after an injury and keep your motivation high.

Adam has been snowboarding for 18 years and wakeboarding for 4, so his life is pretty much filled up with action. Recently, he had to hide away his wakeboard in order to recover from a nasty injury.

But that doesn’t mean he is low in spirit. On the contrary, he is focused on getting ready for the upcoming winter season.

The hardest about an injury

When we ask Adam about his injuries, we get quite a vast list including broken elbow, a torn ligament in an ankle and the current verdict - torn ligament and broken meniscus, this time on his knee. Despite all these pains and the accidents that lead to them he is sure:

“Hardest times are the times when I cannot ride”, and after telling about one of his biggest snowboard injuries, he continues:

“I thought I will never ever ride a snowboard again but when I saw a slope...I wanted to ride immediately”.

It is all about love

So, what kept him going? What made him go through operation, rehab and many days without his beloved boards? Arski is pretty sure about that:

“I would say it is like this - if your heart beats, especially for board riding, you will be able to stand every pain and time to rehabilitate yourself”, he says and continues with a smile:

“Of course, that is if the injury is not THAT BAD. But I will sacrifice my whole heart now to make my legs stronger and be able to ride during winter”.

Quick tips for a quicker recovery

Apart from becoming a bit more humble and giving his body the time it needs, Adam also has some other precious tips on how to overcome injuries.

“When you start to feel that it is getting better with your injury, start harder rehabilitation and think that you are doing it for yourself and for your ride!”, says Arski.

Your attitude and determination are a key factor for your recovery. As he mentioned above:

“I thought about quitting only once, 15 years ago after my first serious injury but now...never!”, and continues:

“It’s part of the game, all extreme sports riders have to be aware that this is part of the game and it happens. There are no tips on how to avoid it. We can just lower the risk of injury by practicing other sports and stabilization sports like slackline but as I said, if something has to happen, it will”.

Keep your head up

Before talking to Adam we had a discussion about why he picked this particular topic to talk about and he shared:

“Everytime when I have an injury it motivates me even more to be a better rider. I wanted to tell this stuff because many people feel really down after they get an injury, and they shouldn’t! They should just fight to get back to their love!”


You can keep track of Adam and his recovery on Instagram and in case you are not injured and good to ride, visit our shop.

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