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The secret about Reed Staark's setup

He has one of the most unique riding styles we have seen. The young pro is not only a sick BMX rider but also a real globetrotter. We had a talk with Reed Staark about his setup.

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Whether it's in the savanna or the sunny urban jungle of LA, Reed always pushes it to the limit.

Reed sometimes finds himself days away from the nearest BMX Shops. This is why he needs a setup that he can trust 100 percent. The demand for a solid setup has resulted in a 100 percent BSD setup. But what does Reed look for when he chooses parts?

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"When it comes to parts, I go for the ones that have a snug fit, minimal tools required, tall, long front, short back, and a clean color scheme."

The recipe for a world-class frame

It goes without saying that the frame is an essential part of any BMX setup. So, which features were important to include when Reed's Safari Frame was designed?

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"A long front end and a short back end. This mix allows you to shred how you please and not bash your knees on the stem. I feel like everyone is going to start riding longer front ends and shorter back ends once they realize how much more comfortable it is”, Reed says.

The colors of the world

Beside a black and raw color, the Safari frame comes in Mountain Moss and the Giraffic Safari color, both colorways are inspired by places around the world.

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"All my frame colors have been specific pantones (colors) taken directly from the photos I've shot on trips around the world. The sand-colored frame was from a photo I shot in the Sahara Desert in Morocco”, he says and continues

"The Safari Mud color is from a sample of dirt I scooped from a hog hole on a safari in South Africa. The Mountain Moss color is inspired by a picture that I shot of some moss growing under a natural water spring at the top of a mountain in Colorado"

The benefits of riding street with plastic pegs

Reed has been all over the world in search of the best and most unique street spots around. But unlike most street riders, he uses plastic pegs.

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"With plastic pegs, you can ride spots for way longer and not get kicked out because you don't make noise, you can grind aluminum rails and shitty wood ledges smoothly", he says and adds.

"You can grind at night without waking up the neighbors, you don't damage spots, so you can ride them forever, and you land shit way more than you ever could with metal pegs"


Find all the parts from Reed Staark’s Safari range right here. Be sure to give Reed's Instagram a follow for more awesome content.

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