Martin is on the hunt for powder snow in Japan

One of Japan's most well-kept secrets is its ski resorts, where 16 meters of snowfall a year isn’t uncommon.

This is also why more and more ski enthusiasts from the western hemisphere choose to fly halfway around the world to ski fresh powder and explore the unique Japanese culture, which can be a true adventure.

One of them is Martin Ejlertsen from Denmark, who is going on a two-week trip to Hakuba in Japan's Nagano region to go off-piste skiing.

“Last time I checked the Hakuba province got 110 centimeters of snow in three days. Some places in Europe, you’re lucky if you get 20 centimeters of snow in one week. We’re talking hip-deep powder snow here. It simply doesn't get any better than that if you ask me” says Martin.

The Hakuba area is a big ski area located 203 km northwest of Tokyo and offers its visitors more than nine ski resorts with over 200 trails stretching out on more than 137 km of piste. The Hakuba area has also hosted several skiing disciplines in the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics.

Traveling with ski gear

For many of us, it can be a challenging pack on a ski trip where you have to travel a few 1000 km. So how do you pack your skis, when you have to travel more than 10.000 km from Denmark to Hakuba in Japan?

“We’re allowed to bring two bags with 23kg each on the plane, so I’ll just use my Douchebag ski bag for my gear and then a backpacker bag for my clothing,” says Martin.

Martin has chosen to bring two pairs of skis. A pair of Black Crows Atris 17/18 and a pair of Rossignol skis. He points out that his Douchebag easily can fit with both pairs of skis and his ski poles and his boots.

“The douchebag is perfect for traveling with all my gear. The bag is easy to handle, and I can easily fit my two pair of skis, which is 195cm, in the bag together with my Salomon ski poles and my Full Tilt ski boots” says Martin.

You can follow Martins Japanese adventure on your YouTube, where he will be doing Vlogs about his trip. Be sure to subscribe to our winter channel to get all our reviews, guides, Vlogs and much more.

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