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Longboarding on the next level: 30 days across Europe

Alex and Nico took the longboard trip of their dreams across Europe, simply searching for freedom and open roads. And these they surely found, together with loads of inspiration and adventures.

We managed to catch Alex for a quick interview and get a bit more insider info about the trip. Check it out.

So Alex, how did you decide to get on a trip like this?

When I was 14 I saw 4 guys on YouTube crossing Germany on a longboard and always dreamed of doing it.

When I moved to Mexico I forgot about the Idea of a longboard trip but one day Nico approached me and asked if I was down to make an unforgettable trip. I immediately said yes.

What makes longboard travels better than any other?

You get to see a lot more of a country than if you take a train or a car, you meet a lot of people, some of them cheer and others honk at you or ask you about the trip.

But most importantly is the excitement of doing what you love and traveling at the same time.

You skate through impressive scenery and you just cannot stop smiling. A longboard trip is something emotional and surely just for those who seek the ultimate adventure.

What did you learn on that adventure?

Be more spontaneous. Plan your trip ahead of time so you can skate on good roads. Don't book every hotel. And 50 km is more than you might think. Take a light and small backpack. 14kg is too much :-D

Why should others do it?

It's an experience you really should try out. During the trip I was happy, I could finally throw all the stress away.

Finally nobody told me what to do. I was finally free. Skating through paradise is one of the best feelings in the world!

And what are the disadvantages? It surely isn't a bed of roses.

Oh yeah. Hard work, exhausting, bad road conditions, you need to walk a hill up, you can't carry around with you a lot, injuries, sometimes you feel like you aren't getting anywhere, and there is a lot of nothing in countries.

Still, will you do it again? After everything you just listed.

Surely we will do it again, not in the nearer near future because my legs are still hurting but I want to revive this time again and make new experiences.

Finally, give us some spicy details. What didn't people get to see in your YouTube videos?

Nico and I fought from time to time. I mean you are together 24/7 for one month. But at the end of the day, we were always laughing.

People also didn't get to see a lot of laughing. Also, we fell down more times than you all saw, or run into dangerous situations.


Well, if you feel inspired, definitely some protective gear is a good starting point. And all the rest, you can also find at our shop. You can follow Alex and Nico through their trip here.

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