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MOB Grip collab highlights

We all know MOB grip tape and that lovely feeling of your skateboard perfectly sticking to your shoes. And because black grip can sometimes be a bit boring, now is the time to shake it off with MOB’s new collabs.

MOB is one of the favorite grip tapes to many of your favorite skateboarders, like Kevin Kowalski, Trey Wood, Michael Pulizzi, and plenty more. So now you can join the crew.

Thrasher, Santa Cruz, and...SpongeBob

We picked some of the highlights from the new batch of MOB Grip that just landed in our shop and thought they are totally worth sharing.

The classic burning Thrasher logo is one of the best-sellers with some good reasons - it is just bad to the bone.

Another legend that can stick to your feet is the Screaming Hand. The epic image from Santa Cruz is another cool collab that you should seriously consider.

You can also get funky with the SpongeBob x MOB grip and flip with style and smile, or go old-school with the Tie Dye style and get hippie with it.

Easy apply, zero bubbles

As always, all the designs from MOB come with a micro-perforated design which makes the grip super easy to apply without the annoying air bubbles.


Find more from MOB Grip on our web shop and get flippin’!

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