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Q & A with Collin about the new Tilt Theory series.

The new Tilt Theory range has arrived, here among the new and improved version of the Theory deck. We talked with owner/founder of Tilt Scooters, Collin Snoek about the new parts.

Last year, Tilt took the scooter community by storm when they released the Tilt Theory deck. Now they are back with a whole range of Theory parts. On that occasion, we reached out to Collin Snoek to hear more.

So Collin, can you tell us a little more about the new deck, and how it differs from the first version of the Theory deck?

"Feedback on the original TILT Theory was overwhelmingly positive, but we still hear some negativity on the plain head tube appearance, cracking at the bottom of the neck tube, and some disliking of the fixed fender. At first glance, the new head tube looks similar to other high-end decks, but the head tube is totally unique to Tilt" he says and adds:

"Look closely at the TILT Theory deck, and you'll see the difference. The neck tube is also a cool piece of 3D machining. We kept the crook groove and added a 3D contour to the backside. This new shape, combined with modern welding wizardry is much stronger. And for those who disliked the fender, sorry, it's not going anywhere! Sometimes we just have to do it the "Tilt" way."

The graphics on the new Theory range looks pretty sweet, who made it, and can you tell us a little more about what it means?

“Well, it is all made by Michael Spizzirri. So, let the man speak for himself.” says Collin.

"Theory 002 was more about highlighting the creative process. When it comes to the design, we brainstorm, ideate, and exchange thoughts with one another until that "aha" moment occurs. Running wild with the word "theory" and what it means, I drew back to the days before 001's release", Michael says and continues.

"We were bombarded with speculation on whether Tilt decks were being designed, in production, or even a real thing. With this in mind, I found parallels in old vintage sci-fi movie posters stating that they knew the truth about aliens or had the answer to UFO sightings — sort of poking fun at the whole situation and not taking things too serious. Not only are they fun, but they're always loaded with great imagery. We are the only ones who have the answers to the Theory 002 that have been kept secret until now!"

Can you tell us a little more about the wheels, have they undergone any new features?

The TILT Theory wheels don't have any new features. Most wheels these days, aside from size and urethane, are primarily a creative expression. That said, these wheels are a bit different than what scootering has seen before. The full cores are undercut for a bit of weight savings, and the laser mark design on the flat of the core as well as the specifications on the rim of the core real nice.

This time you expanded the Theory concept from being a single deck to a range including a deck, grip tape, wheels, and a t-shirt, What is the next step?

“Good question! We enjoyed the process of designing a full release like this, and we are going to continue with additional releases. The next release will be for Tilt's Ten Year anniversary. After that, we have a super limited release of custom decks. Those are going to be rad. Keep your eyes peeled for Tilt!”


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