Get Strange. Get Madrid. Get cruising

We just got a new batch of Stranger Things X Madrid cruiser boards and had to show off. As always, you get top quality from Madrid plus some of the coolest graphics inspired by the new season of ST.

Unique shape with unique graphics

These new boards from Madrid in collab with the popular series, are cool in terms of graphics, design, and perfermance.

Depending on whom you choose to go for, Hop, Dustin, or the whole crew, you will also get a different shape of the cruiser.

Dustin, Hop and the Strange crew

While the Dustin and ST3 boards come with a more surfy look, the Hop cruiser has the old-school vibe to it in terms of shape and width.

No matter which one you pick, they are super easy and stable.

Because the small things matter

The 8 plies of maple make a pretty sturdy and reliable board out of each Madrid cruiser in the series.

But to add the finishing touches, Madrid has added quality Caliber trucks and sick-looking Cadillac Cloud wheels.

These wheels not only make the cruisers stick out even more but really make sure you get the smoothest and “cloud-riding” feeling.

Intrigued? You can find all the boards we got from Madrid here.

Psst, we also have some sick Stranger Things 3 skate completes and decks ;)

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