NEW ARRIVALS: Native Scooter's epic Stem parts are here

The new Stem parts and completes are made to give young and forthcoming riders the best possible tools to take their riding to the next level, and trust us, you don’t want to miss out on these parts.

After more than 18 months of development, the guys from Native Scooters are here with the new Stem range. All the parts in the series are specifically designed for the smaller street riders.

And judging from how fast they are selling the Stem parts are a success within the community.

A real treat if you are into street

Native has put some serious effort into the Native Stem complete scooter. This street beast is for the upcoming street rider who wants a pro-level scooter at a low price.

The deck is perfect for grinding due to its box-cut shape with Crook Groove, flat sides, and of course, the flat bottom, which adds tons of stability.

This complete has a super light and durable Chromoly T-bar, super soft and comfy Emblem Grips, and a sturdy Quad-Clamp. In short, all you need to take your riding to the next level.

The perfect choice if you are into grind tricks

The geometrics of the Native Stem Deck is designed to fit the smaller riders. So, if you are taking your first crack at street riding, this high-quality street deck is a match made in heaven.

The Crook Groove gives you a lock-in feeling on grinds, which you can do without pegs thanks to the boxed ends. Furthermore, it's never been easier to do board slides, thanks to the flat bottom.

Avoid the risk of your foot getting caught in the wheel while you're jumping a staircase or doing a 180 thanks to the glass-reinforced nylon fender.

An instant classic

The Native Scooter Wheels are made with street riding in mind. You get a no-nonsense design with a classic 7-spoke core in either raw or black.

The wheels in 115mm x 24mm are not only durable but actually perfect for a small rider, who is aiming to take over the city streets.


Check out the rest of our huge selection of Native parts right here.

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